Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded survived.

Critically acclaimed across the UK, SLX have been proud to have supplied and supported this home-grown histo-remixed pop-concert musical by Tom Marlow and Lucy Moss. Following its initial run at Edinburgh Fringe in 2017 the production decided to embark on its first UK Tour in 2018 with Lighting Designer Tim Deiling at the reign.

Tim Deiling approached SLX with a design, but flexibility on the fixtures that could be supplied. This allowed an opportunity to explore options, asking questions about their applications and desired effects, rather than simply fulfilling a kit list. Tim and our Business Development Manager Josh Wakley had conversations on the brief, and were able to agree a lighting rig satisfying the design criteria, but also affordable and achievable. The rig consisted of over 100 fixtures including MAC Quantum Profiles, MAC Aura XBs, Clay Paky Sharpy Wash, Clay Paky Sharpy Beam, Ayrton Magicdot SX, Studio Due T-Color, Chauvet SlimBANK, Martin Stagebar 54L, ETC Lustr Series 2, along with control, rigging, atmospherics and accessories.

Throughout the 2018 tour SLX were readily available to support the production seeing it grow and develop into the international success it has now become. Following a short run at The Arts Theatre in London in September 2018, the company welcomed SLX as a partner in transitioning the lighting rig as a permanent addition into the West End from January 2019. Once again SLX were readily available to discuss new concepts from Tim Deiling and continue to push the technology on the production. The rig is in use for over 15 performances per week, with the quality and reliability of the equipment paramount. In the rare occasions the onsite team needed support, the team from SLX have always immediately provided a solution 24/7.

SLX have continued to develop the rig with Tim Deiling as newer LED technology comes to market. Most recently saw the seating capacity increase by swapping out the older followspots for a MAC Encore Performance Cold with Followspot Handles. Martin Stagebar 54Ls have been swapped with an increased amount of Showline SL NITRO 510C RGBW LED Strobes. SLX continue to explore new ideas closely with the production team.

Josh Wakley, Business Development Manager, commented “It’s been fantastic to work closely with the team and see this show grow so rapidly. It’s been very fulfilling to see it from its early origins into the global success it now is, and I cannot speak highly enough of all of the team at SiX and SLX who have put in all theirs efforts to create an unforgettable theatrical experience. Honestly cannot get the songs out of my head either!”

As SiX becomes a global success with versions in Broadway, Chicago, Wellington, Australia, and another UK Tour; SLX are proud to continue supporting its original home in the West End.