Ben Linwood


Technical Specialist at Collaborative Creations

Drama School & Graduation Year:

GSA 2019

How did you first get into live events?

I was part of my school’s tech team doing the lighting and sound for shows. I didn’t realise it could be a real job until late on into my school life, once I knew it was, then I was hooked.

What did you do with the SLX bursary at your college/university?

I mainly used it for my shows, at GSA there isn’t much design work, so when I had the option to, I threw lots of kit at it. I also used it for the connections, and got to know the team quite well. Overall, it was really beneficial for my career.

Did you do anything else with SLX?

I worked for them as a freelancer, and got onto the new year’s eve celebrations, as well as other freelance work.

How beneficial was the SLX bursary to furthering your future career?

Very beneficial. All of the industry PR that came as a result of the bursary got my name in front of some really influential people who helped me progress my career further.

What would be your advice for people applying to the lighting project now?

Be yourself, it’s a lot easier to talk about things you are genuinely passionate about, rather than what you think the team wants to hear.

What is your next job?

I currently work in business development, I represent brands such as Follow-Me and LEDblade, demoing them across the country and sometimes abroad.

What is the most important piece of equipment in your toolbox?

DMX Cat, this saves me so much time, and is great for quick problem solving.

What would be your dream production to work on?

I would love to work on something on a large scale like Eurovision, or the Olympics.

If you hadn’t chosen to go into live events, what would you have done?

I probably would have gone into IT.

Last show you saw?

Come From Away, just before lockdown. One of my good friends is in the sound team, it’s always great to support someone you know.

Favourite Designer?

Bruno Poet – Miss Saigon – The ‘American Dream’ section is spectacular.