Ruari Cormack


Business Development Manager

Drama school:

Guildhall School of Music and Drama

How did you first get into live events?

Followspotting at my local theatre in 1986

How long have you been working at SLX?

3.5 years

Give a brief description of your role in the company?

Account managing, developing new business, supporting existing business and creating lasting relationships.

Why do you think The Lighting Program is important?

It gives a supportive step into the industry. When I was a student, I remember making contacts being invaluable. I was never taught how to interact with suppliers. We want to help create those relationships and offer an extension to the great work the schools and colleges give their students. Especially given that a small number of suppliers hold the majority of the kit, it’s important that those relationships are rock solid.

If you could give the students one piece of advice, what would it be?

Get stuck in! Ask questions and bring doughnuts if you’re late…

What is the most important thing in your toolbox?

My Leatherman

If you hadn’t chosen to go into live events, what would you have done?

Who knows? Building trade? Photographer?

Outside of work, what is your favourite hobby/pastime/thing to do?

Card games and photography.

What would be your dream production to work on?

That’s a hard one… Something rock n roll like touring with Iron Maiden?

What has been your proudest moment?

Phew, big question……. I have been lucky to have a few. Growing The Big Chill from sub 5k audience & 3 stages to 40k and 13 stages? Being involved in the original AMP Swan Lake? Marrying one of the principals!! Being a Dad! Turning Riverside Studios back into a good place to produce work? Heading up production within one of the biggest proponents of the world’s largest Arts festival?

Hairiest show stopping moment?

When the iron stayed in at the interval of the inaugural opening concert of the WMC, liaising with the BBC whilst we rearranged satellite links, an edited ending and then having to go live mid performance when the iron eventually went out (then after the tabs also got stuck!!!!) … long story. The very next production, the grand opening with full Royal turnout didn’t have the iron in…