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What we are doing now

We know the power that the events industry has on people’s lives from the creating most memorable party to the most impactful conference. However, we cannot ignore the impact the events industry has on the environment.

That is why we have decided to transform the way we work, embed sustainability into everything we do and to be a leading hire and events company for sustainability innovation and commitment, and that starts with the actions we take.

We have taken the first and most important step for our sustainability journey and that is to measure our current impact. We look forward to reporting on our progress to reduce our emission year on year.

In October 2021, we calculated our carbon footprint with albert, the tv and film industry’s authority on environmental sustainability.

SLX HQ runs on
renewable energy
The average SLX employee emissions
lower than the average Britons annual emissions

Reducing emissions, eliminating waste, and running on clean energy. Every day, we’re striving for a sustainable future.

Our plans for 2022

We will continue to update our progress through annual reports. Any good news we have will also be updated through our blog posts.

A priority of SLX for 2022 is to create a comprehensive Net Zero strategy. There are a number of objectives we have set for 2022 to help us on our path to Net Zero. Our biggest plan for 2022 is to create our own energy by implementing solar panels on our warehouse roof. Not only will this support our own energy consumption, but it will also enable us to feed back any access energy back to the grid.

Although addressing our environmental performance is essential, SLX is dedicated to improving the diversity and inclusivity of our company and the industry more broadly. This includes looking inwardly at how we conduct ourselves at SLX and also how we can provide more opportunities for people who currently struggle to get access to this industry.

SLX has two aspirations for 2022; to improve both our internal and external impact on social value. SLX is involved in several charities and organisations within Bristol to provide opportunities for young people who are struggling to access the industry. Babbasa will be running a diversity and inclusivity audit on our operations, and SLX will be able to provide numerous opportunities for people through the Babbasa recruitment service.

Keep an eye out for our Impact Report which details our achievements and aspirations in more detail.

We have worked with SLX since the dawn of Bake Off and every year we try to reduce our environmental impact. In 2021, SLX helped us to do this by providing generators run on HVO fuel and hybrid battery which saved us 555 tCO2e, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of producing The Great British Bake Off.

Love Productions
Fort Douglas Pixie Forest Outdoor Lighting Experiential Design

How we can collaborate with you for a sustainable future

We welcome the opportunity to align our sustainability commitments with yours. We can assess each brief and contract to evaluate its environmental performance and suggest how to make projects more sustainable as they progress. We also internally evaluate the sustainable agendas of our suppliers.

We can provide reporting data of our operations for your event so you can work towards meeting your targets, and, if your targets include using energy efficient equipment, we can supply a wide range of LED lighting to ensure you get the best option possible for your event and the environment. We are also able to provide hybrid power generation solutions to help reduce our impact on the environment even further.

  • Sustainability contract assessment
  • Supplier sustainability assessment
  • Large range of LED alternatives
  • Hybrid generator power options

Our accreditations