We are very proud of who we are.

We have a fantastic mix of creative, technical, operational, understanding, caring and experienced individuals all linked by an limitless passion for delivering the very best for you. ​Working closely with you we are part of your team, delivering your vision from start to finish.

  • Katy Lowe


    I started at SLX in 2005 as a Sound Technician. Moving onto Projects I worked installing electrics in new theatres before taking orders on the front counter as a Customer Service Rep for Sales & Hire.

    I later joined the Hire Operations Team, ensuring the right kit is available and wherever it is needed.

    From there I progressed to lead the Hire Support Team, supporting Tours, West End Shows & the Edinburgh Festival.

  • Ruari Cormack

    Ruari joined SLX in 2018 from the world of theatre, dance, festivals, live events, corporate and parenthood.

    Having been a loyal customer of many years, both as freelance and venue/company based, he is delighted to be part of the team looking after and delivering for our clients.

    He brings many years of experience of delivering high class productions, both within the UK and internationally, to ensure SLX can deliver exemplary service for the many productions  of the future.

    Passionate about developing talent within the industry he tempers this enthusiasm with a love for Dundee United, good malts  and fine company.

    Here’s to looking after you and your next challenge! Slàinte!