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Sustainability and Social Value

SLX is committed to reducing its carbon footprint in line with the guidance from the Science Based Targets initiative.

We are also going above environmental sustainability at SLX and are passionate about social value and social sustainability.

We recognise a need for greater diversity and inclusion within the lighting industry. Because of this we are currently running and developing future social value projects and have implemented an EDI policy.

To read more about measures we have taken to reduce our Carbon Footprint year on year see our Impact Report below.

Our Impact Service

Supporting our clients to create more sustainable productions

Our Impact Service provides bespoke data analysis and strategies for our clients' events and productions to ensure the most sustainable decisions are made and that lessons are learnt for future productions.

2023 Impact Report

Curious to know how we got on in 2023 with our Sustainability and Social Value initiatives?

Our Impact Report outlines our journey and spotlights the array of environmental and social initiatives we've embarked on this year; ranging from carbon footprint measurement to our impactful partnership with Wilderkind.

Receive a copy of our 2023 Impact Report

We have worked with SLX since the dawn of Bake Off and every year we try to reduce our environmental impact. In 2021, SLX helped us to do this by providing generators run on HVO fuel and hybrid battery which saved us 555 tCO2e, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of producing The Great British Bake Off.

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