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We hold the largest sports and sports presentation lighting inventories in Europe, along with one of the largest inventories for broadcast lighting in the continent. We’re equipped to cover any major sporting event year-round.

Sports lighting

We understand that lighting a sports event has many crucial aspects from lighting athletes, making sure spectators can enjoy every detail of the sport both in person and on screen, and making the venue suitable for broadcast. We make sure our lighting sees to every one of these requirements to make your sporting event work.

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games - Areana Birmingham

Design and delivery

We can design and deliver any sporting occasion, whether it is an indoor broadcast or out in the elements.

Lighting equipment

We keep our sport broadcast production levels high and our sustainability goals in sight by investing in and creating low-energy, high-output lighting equipment.

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games - University of Birmingham

Have a project that is particularly unique? Talk to one of our team about bespoke solutions