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Energy & Expertise

We apply all of our energy and expertise to your project, providing our technical knowledge and creative thinking across lighting design, concept development, and technical solutions that make your vision possible. With years of experience in the events industry, we know how to bring the best out of your ideas and bring them to life in remarkable ways.

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How we can help

Our team excel in visualising and conceptualising solutions across various domains.
From tackling complex problems and crafting bespoke designs to innovative concepts and designing impactful lighting designs.

Idea Creation

We take your ideas and make them a reality, working closely with you every step of the way to see to every detail and maximise the potential of your concept.

Light and rigging design

We own all of our lighting and rigging equipment and we have dedicated technicians for every range of equipment, ensuring that everything is maintained to our strict high standards. Both dry hire and a full delivery service, which includes equipment and skilled staff to operate it, are available.

Product Development

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the development and design of equipment. Our shelves are always stocked with state of the art products, guaranteeing quality for every project.

Set design

We have worked in theatre and production for years, producing sets for a vast array of occasions and events. Our extensive experience means we can provide full set and design solutions for any event.

Have a unique project that needs a one of a kind approach? Talk to our team about bespoke solutions.