Curious to discover the amazing experiences of the class of 2022? We’ve reached out to every student to share their inspiring stories.

To kick us off, we hear from Daisy Simmons, a member of the Class of 2022 Lighting Programme, as she shares her insightful experiences.

What have you gained from being a part of the SLX Lighting Programme?

I have gained so much from being a part of The Lighting Programme. I’ve gained so much confidence in myself and in building connections with new people. The programme has given me the opportunity to experience some incredible moments, like volunteering at the London Palladium. Not only that, but I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people whom I’m excited to stay in touch with for years to come.

How do you feel the programme has helped your career?

Participating in this opportunity has helped me in several ways. Firstly, it has expanded my network and allowed me to meet new people in my field. Secondly, it has given me valuable work experience and has broadened my understanding of the industry and the different paths I can take in my career.

What challenges has the SLX Lighting Programme helped you overcome?

I think my biggest challenge has always been meeting new people. This programme helped me face that fear and with the support of Katy and Ruari, I was able to network with companies and attend events I previously wouldn’t have felt confident doing.

Could you summarise your overall experience of being a part of the 2022/23 Lighting Programme?

Incredible. I worked with an amazing group of people that I look forward to keeping in touch with and have learnt so much about myself and the industry. I would encourage anyone with an interest in lighting to apply.

What’s the most memorable part of the programme so far?

It must be when we all met each other for the first time in person. Seeing the warehouse and meeting my cohort was such a welcoming and impactful part. Everyone was so friendly and made me feel at ease instantly. Helping with a get in for the London Palladium would be a close second.

How would you describe the programme in 3 words?

Fun, Informative and Friendly

Fun fact you’ve learnt about the industry.

Lamps (not bulbs) can be referred to as bubbles!

Applications for The Lighting Programme 2023/24 are open until 23 June. Apply now here.