Today, we have the privilege of featuring Olivia Charneux, a remarkable member of the Class of 2022 Lighting Programme. As we conclude this series, Olivia’s story becomes even more significant as the last student we will be hearing from for now.

We delve into her insightful journey, celebrating her achievements and the profound impact of this programme.

What have you gained from being a part of the SLX Lighting Programme?

The Lighting Programme has been an enriching experience, providing me with valuable insights into various aspects of the industry. Through this programme, I have gained a comprehensive understanding of the inner workings of hiring equipment, as well as discovering ways in which the lighting industry can embrace sustainability. The knowledge I have acquired has equipped me with a greater perspective on the industry, enabling to move forward with confidence.

How do you feel the programme has helped your career?

The Lighting Programme has helped me establish important career contacts for the future after university. Through this programme, I have connected with valuable professionals and industry experts who can provide guidance and mentorship. I am grateful for the connections I have made through the Lighting Programme as they have greatly enhanced my prospects and provided a solid foundation for my post-university endeavours.

What challenges has the SLX Lighting Programme helped you overcome?

The Lighting Programme has taught me that the industry can achieve sustainability without compromising performance. I’ve learnt about different ways to maintain high-quality performances while being environmentally conscious. It’s inspiring to see innovative solutions that balance both excellence and sustainability. This experience has given me hope and motivation to contribute to the industry’s ongoing evolution.

Please could you summarise your overall experience of being a part of the 2022/23 Lighting Programme.

Overall, the entire experience was truly wonderful and enriching for me, as I had the privilege of meeting numerous lovely individuals. Interacting with such remarkable people made the experience all the more meaningful and memorable.

What’s the most memorable part of the programme so far?

Among all the experiences, the most unforgettable moment was undoubtedly the chance to visit the warehouse and meet everyone. It was an incredible opportunity that left a lasting impression on me. Meeting the team and witnessing the operations first hand added a special touch to the overall experience. The warmth I encountered during that visit made it a truly remarkable and cherished memory.

How would you describe the programme in 3 words?

Enriching, Educational, Enjoyable