SLX is committed to ensuring that all the content and information on its websites are accessible to everyone. As a result, we have designed and built in accordance with guidelines set-out by the Web Accessibility Initiative.

Our accessibility commitment means that:

  • It should be possible to resize text using the text-resize option in your browser.
  • We have written alternative text that describes each informational image.
  • A navigation bar can be found at the top of each page - this links to all the main sections of the website.
  • We have tested this website to ensure that it is can be viewed in a variety of web browsers.
  • If you choose to use your own style sheet, you can change the appearance of the site without affecting its readability or accessibility.


If you have turned-off style sheets support or your browser does not support CSS, it will still be possible to read information on the site.

Getting in touch

We have taken great care to make this site easy to use. If you have any questions, queries or comments about its accessibility features, or recommendations for improvements, please contact us.