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Creating electric atmosphere for sporting championships

Yonex World Badminton Championships

Badminton Championships Courts Lit Up Sports Event

We work closely with Sport England and, as a result, with the Yonex World Badminton Championships in Birmingham. We worked with Sport England to provide practical lighting solutions that balanced the need for clarity for spectators and broadcasters with suitable lighting conditions for athletes to compete.

The Brief

We were required to provide a complete lighting overlay that would be suitable for film capture, spectator viewing, but would also keep the athletes from being dazzled while competing.

Badminton Championships Camera Filming

Our Approach

We strove to use low-energy, maximum-output lighting that would give spectators a bright, clear view of the athletes, but would not be too bright for the athletes, allowing them to compete at their very best. We also incorporated moving LED heads to create atmosphere and activity between games, increasing the anticipation and excitement for the competition.

The Results

The championships were as dynamic and exciting as predicted, and our lighting solutions succeeded in finding balance between the athletes’ comfort and the conditions needed for high-quality broadcasting. 

Badminton Championships Courts Lit Up Sports Event Players