SLX, Bristol-based technical production specialists, celebrates its continued work delivering spectacular light experiences to Sudeley Castle, one of England’s most beautiful heritage sites. 

SLX, renowned for building an envious reputation for crafting unforgettable lighting installations over the last 40 years was asked by DB Partnership to work alongside them to create a spectacular after-dark illuminated experience ‘Spectacle of Light’ at Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire. Excited by the opportunity to extend its presence within the experiential market, SLX called upon its skilled technical and creative team to work together with Nic Beeby, DB Partnership’s Creative Producer and Designer to create a stunning outdoor design that transformed the castle gardens, ruins and woodland into a magical and immersive experience.

SLX combined its extensive knowledge of creating light shows with the latest technology to bring this ambitious creative vision to life. This included designing bespoke projections and displays, to developing audio streams that would synchronise with the light movements. 

“As leaders in the industry, we’re vigilant in our search for creating new innovative ways to tell stories. Working on the ground and seeing these spectacular visions come to life has been incredibly rewarding and is a testament to what the SLX team has always set out to achieve”

Alex Keighley, Creative Designer & Project Manager, SLX

Now in its 8th year, the ‘Spectacle of Light’ has gone from strength to strength and welcomes over 50,000 attendees to the gardens each year. First intended to be a yearly recurring event throughout the festive period, its success has created new possibilities for SLX and DP Partnership to expand its collaborative work, with there now being 7 hosting locations throughout the UK featuring ‘Spectacle of Light’.

“When this project first arose, we could see a huge opportunity to grow upon the work we had already been delivering within the industry, and it paid off,” says Russell Payne, Managing Director at SLX. “Since then, the team has had to overcome many challenges including the pandemic and staffing shortages, yet this has never stopped them. Thanks to a good supply of Hobnobs coupled with a huge camaraderie of the teams on site we’re seeing many of the same crew returning year after year which simply indicates how enjoyable it is to create these spectacles!”

To ensure the events were delivered successfully, SLX worked with Nic Beeby, Producer and Designer of Spectacle of Light. Since then, the brand has continued to grow year after year, with some new and exciting venues lined up until 2025!

“After following SLX’s work for some time, plus their investment in the latest outdoor LED technology, I could see how the partnership could take the Spectacle of Light events further afield, and we’re seeing this happen. The pipeline of events lined up throughout the next few years is extremely exciting, and I can’t wait to see the new experiences both SLX and DP Partnership will create for visitors all year round!”

Nic Beeby, Producer and Designer of Spectacle of Light, DP Partnership

If you’d like to purchase tickets to experience the Spectacle of Light for yourselves, use the link to locate your nearest event:

Spectacle of Light (VARIOUS LOCATIONS)