Bristol, UK, September 2023: SLX, Bristol-based technical production specialists is thrilled to extend its partnership with Babbasa, a multi-award winning organisation that’s on a mission to inspire and support young people from low income and ethnic minority communities to pursue their professional ambitions. 

Founded in 2013, Babbasa stands as an inspirational youth empowerment organisation that not only supports young people to improve wellbeing, develop new skills and achieve their ambitions but also works with businesses to help provide training on how to create fair working environments, provide recruitment support and give guidance on how to develop inclusive internal policies. 

Inspired by the already remarkable achievements accomplished by Babbasa, in 2022 as part of  SLX’s ongoing work to re-evaluate its impact on its environment and do more to support its community, SLX became a corporate partner and began its journey to create a more inclusive working environment. As part of this partnership, Babbasa worked closely with SLX’s senior leadership team to deliver two training courses; the first covering inclusive leadership and the second on intercultural communication. These in-depth training sessions had a significant impact on SLX, prompting the team to update internal policies, revisit its staff handbook, and incorporate more inclusive language into its policies with urgency. 

“Working with Babbasa has been transformative for the business and our employees. They have sparked essential conversations, driving a deeper understanding of diversity and opening our eyes to the issues surrounding workplace inclusion and our Bristol community.”

– Phoebe Currie, Sustainability & Social Values Manager, SLX

Despite Bristol’s remarkable economic growth surpassing most UK cities since 2009, sixty percent of the city’s ethnic minority population resides in economically disadvantaged areas. SLX’s decision to extend its partnership with Babbasa reflects its commitment to take this collaboration to the next level by welcoming new talent to its workforce. The collaboration between SLX and Babbasa will help to open doors and provide young people with exposure to industries they may not have otherwise encountered due to limited visibility and support.

Following the renewal of the partnership, the upcoming initiatives include an insight day, offering work experience to three individuals, EDI (Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion) refresher training sessions for the team, and most importantly, the development of an EDI Charter. Utilising insights gained from training sessions, the charter will be an integral part of SLX’s commitment to bridging the inequality gap in its workforce and in Bristol. 

Apart from the honour of joining Babbasa’s esteemed roster of industry leaders, including Team Love, Aardman, Bristol 24/7, and Bristol Creative Industries, SLX is excited to contribute to Babbasa’s long-term vision for the city, “OurCity2030”. Specifically aimed towards creating a shared vision with businesses, this initiative aims to support young people from low income households to secure a median salary role by 2030. Formally launched in November, SLX is an active participant in this campaign, working towards lifting individuals out of poverty, increasing representation in the workplace, and helping Bristol become a world-class model city for inclusive growth.

“At Babbasa, our mission is to reignite aspirations and empower young people with the confidence to step into the workplace. It has been an honour to journey with SLX over the past year and I’m encouraged to see where the next few months will take us. Together, along with our other incredible partners, we are shaping a future where opportunities are not determined by someone’s background, and our renewed partnership signifies our shared commitment to making this vision a reality. Watch this space!”

– Matt Rogers, Head of Development, Babbasa 

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