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Supplying versatile rigging and lighting for the London Palladium’s varied calendar

London Palladium

London Palladium versatile rigging and lighting design

We supply the house rig for the London Palladium for the majority of the year, using our most flexible rigging systems to provide lighting suitable for the huge range of productions that make their home at the venue.

The Brief

The London Palladium hosts such a diverse range of events and productions, from musicals, concerts, comedy gigs, and dance shows, that they need a rigging set up that can meet the demands of shows of all shapes and sizes.

We support the venue for 8-9 months of the year with a permanent rig and additional equipment as and when it’s needed.

London Palladium versatile rigging design

Our Approach

We designed a rig that can be kept in use for a large part of the London Palladium’s calendar, with the rig only being taken out for the summer season. Made up of MAC Encore Performance WRM, Ayrton Mistral, Robe 150 and Super Spikie, SGM Q7 strobe and Chroma-Q Colourforce 72 LED battens, we can provide top-quality lighting time and time again, as well as control with the Grand MA2.

The results

Our in-house rig, designed by the Palladium’s own Mark Smith, is a versatile set up that boasts the best equipment for every job. With the majority of the rig being used for the Palladium’s panto season too, we know every show that comes through the Palladium is benefitting from our design and technical expertise. Additionally, the team at the Palladium have always been supportive of our Lighting Programme initiative, and are open to working with our students year after year.

London Palladium SLX team