We are excited to announce our meaningful collaboration with the Exeter Northcott Theatre and The Princess Theatre and Art Centre. As part of our commitment to ensure our fixtures live out their longest lives and as we complete our transition to LED stock, we were looking for a new home for our tungsten fixtures. This collaboration stands as a testament to our belief in the power of repurposing, ensuring that each piece of equipment continues to shine on stage.

In conversations with Marcus Bartlett from The Exeter Northcott, we explored how the provided equipment would enhance their operations, and his response was:

“The Northcott Theatre has already made investments in ETC Source4 fixtures, boasting a selection of fixed and zoom fixtures. The addition of these fixtures perfectly aligns with our existing lamp and spare stock, enabling us to streamline our operations. Recently, we’ve acquired The Barnfield Theatre, in the heart of Exeter, giving us the opportunity to offer a wider range of entertainment and as an essential outreach into the community. With this donation, we can standardise our fixtures across both venues and transition from a 1000W lamp to a more energy efficient 750W, significantly reducing our energy consumption. These fixtures will provide us with a reliable lighting solution for the next five years, and the value of this donation is substantial, equivalent to roughly £4400 worth of lantern stock. We are incredibly grateful for this gift at The Northcott and Barnfield Theatres.”

We also had a similar discussion with Elliott Morgan from The Princess Theatre and Art Centre who said:

“Given that a substantial portion of our lantern stock dates back 30 years, this donation is a game changer for us in terms of being able to meet the technical requirements of touring productions. It will allow us to become more accommodating to touring companies and put on larger, more complex shows for our community. For instance, during a recent production presented by Blackeyed Theatre, we had to hire in a significant amount of lantern stock because our existing inventory was not enough. This donation not only future proofs our theatre for years to come but also seamlessly integrates into our existing infrastructure. Additionally, these fixtures will be made available to numerous community groups for their productions, including the Burnham District Panto Society, which has been a community staple for 50 years, and local youth theatre groups like BEES and React.”

Phoebe Currie, our Sustainability and Social Values Manager, emphasises, “Our primary aim is to ensure that our equipment is utilised for the entirety of its lifetime. We are delighted that our equipment is going on to great homes and to work on many more productions.”