Six months ago, we took a significant step forward by becoming a certified B Corp, joining a community of like-minded businesses committed to using their influence to create positive change. Since then, our experience as a B Corp has shaped our operations, opened up new conversations, and encouraged us to reflect on our impact.

Becoming a B Corp has forced us to make commitments to various projects and processes aligned with our values. One of those projects is our partnership with Wilderkind which demonstrates our commitment to shift our focus from intangible offsets to supporting nature recovery in our local natural environment. Another is our ongoing collaboration with our friends at Babbasa. We have collectively undertaken over 105 hours of training on intercultural communications and inclusive leadership, focused on equity, diversity, and inclusion this year so far.

B Corp has become a catalyst for critical thinking and questioning, particularly in decision-making processes. Our commitment to the triple bottom line consistently reminds us of the importance of considering social, environmental, and economic factors especially when it comes to purchasing.

The decision to become a B Corp has had a profound impact at SLX, sparking conversations throughout the company and engaging us with our industry peers. We have found a welcoming network of like-minded businesses, each on their own unique journey toward making a positive impact.

Furthermore, the B Corp certification has shed light on areas of our business that require our attention. It has guided us to focus on specific aspects where we can improve our social and environmental performance. By integrating the B Impact Assessment tool into our operations, we have gained a comprehensive framework that helps us measure, track, and continuously refine our sustainability practices.

As we reflect on these past six months, we are proud of the progress we have made and the challenges we have overcome. Join us as we reshape the business landscape and create a more sustainable and equitable world for generations to come.

Phoebe Currie, our Sustainability and Social Values Manager gives the following advice to any company thinking about B Corp certification, “It’s definitely a learning process and a journey. Don’t be afraid to address the hard questions that B Corp encourages you to think about. Engage with your local B Corp community as there is so much good work and so many ideas and initiatives that you can engage with.”