As a partner of Babbasa, we wholeheartedly believe in their OurCity2030 mission to support young people from low-income households in Bristol to secure a median salary role by 2030.

Being a B Corp underscores our commitment to making a positive impact on our community and our collaboration with Babbasa serves as a vital link, connecting us with young individuals who can face barriers to employment or work opportunities. In line with our B Corp values, it is important for us to provide meaningful experiences and opportunities that introduce these young individuals to our company and the industry.

Within our partnership agreement with Babbasa, we pledged to provide work experience placements for young people engaged with Babbasa to support the OurCity2030 mission. In March 2024, we were joined by Alina for a four-day work experience placement in our marketing team.

We first met Alina during an Insight Day we hosted with Babbasa in September 2023 and we were delighted when she requested to come back to us for a work experience opportunity this year.

Alina has previous experience in marketing from her former employment in Ukraine, and now she is looking for new opportunities in the UK so it was really important to us to offer a work experience opportunity that could help her further develop these skills. Myles Abraham our Creative Designer and Phoebe Currie our Sustainability and Social Values Manager led the placement with Alina ensuring she received consistent guidance, information, and support throughout her time with us.

During the week we spent with Alina, we assigned her a project aimed at assisting us in marketing a new service. This encompassed various aspects of marketing, including competitor analysis, the creation of final assets, and the development of a content plan. Additionally, we provided Alina with multiple one-hour skill sessions, offering her in-depth knowledge and proficiency in some of the key software applications used in this field.

“It was not only a valuable opportunity for me to gain practical experience in such a reputable company, but also to confirm my passion for marketing. I believe that nothing can hinder a person from pursuing their dreams. I am grateful to the SLX team for preparing all the information so thoroughly and approaching the tasks I had to complete with precision and interest. The four days were busy and passed quickly. But even under those conditions, I managed to feel like a part of a wonderful and professional team”

– Alina Ferko

Alina work experience, Alina and Phoebe in meeting room at SLX

“Alina was so full of enthusiasm and ideas. She brought a refreshing viewpoint and was just a delight to have with us for four days. We will definitely stay in touch!”

– Phoebe Currie, Sustainability and Social Values Manager

“It was truly rewarding collaborating closely with Alina throughout the week. Her infectious enthusiasm and unwavering dedication to the placement were unmistakable, driving us toward creating an effective content plan. Her innovative concepts and fresh ideas not only breathed new life into our own ideas but also introduced new approaches we hadn’t previously explored. It was inspiring to witness her commitment, and her contributions undoubtedly enriched our processes”.

– Myles Abraham, Creative Designer

As we reflect on the invaluable experience of working closely with Alina, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to host more bright young minds eager to explore our company and industry. If you’re interested in learning more about our initiatives or potentially joining us for a similar experience, please don’t hesitate to reach out.