We have published our first Impact Report for 2022. Our Impact Report details the environmental and social initiatives we have actioned for the past year from measuring our carbon footprint to our charity fundraising activities.

Our commitment is to produce an annual Impact Report that shows how we are evolving and adapting our business in line with our sustainability and social value ambitions.

The Impact Report demonstrates the initiatives we have taken alongside, and in addition to, our normal business operations. It details our progress, ambitions and challenges regarding the environment and social objectives.

“Really pleased to share this document which shows our highlights, challenges and targets for the year ahead. It is reflective of the hard work and ethos of everyone at SLX.”

– Phoebe Currie, Sustainability and Social Values Manager.

The purpose of our Impact Report is to communicate with our stakeholders the additional efforts we are making to record and improve our impact on the environment, our local community, and our people. We hope that the impact report will spark more conversations around sustainability within our industry.

It is also best practice for B Corps to publish an Impact Report in the interests of transparency and engagement. This report was drafted prior to our certification but next year we will aim to make it more aligned with the B Corp structure and impact areas.

Read our impact report for 2022 here