We are very pleased to announce that we have started a partnership with Wilderkind. Wilderkind exists to rapidly scale rewilding and nature recovery in Great Britain in order to revert biodiversity loss, avoid ecosystem collapse and build climate resilience. Wilderkind offers rewilding membership to purpose-driven businesses across Great Britain, enabling them to engage their employees and clients with tangible improvements to the natural world in their local environment.

Our project with Wilderkind focuses on 73 acres of land in the Somerset levels. The Somerset Levels in the South West of England, was once a vast wetland teeming with abundant ecosystems and diverse wildlife, much of which has been lost over the centuries as the land has been drained and worked. Wilderkind, in partnership with the rewilding charity Somerset Wildlands, aims to restore part of this lost wildness and wildlife. Specifically, SLX will be funding a project to construct scrapes – shallow pools – in selected areas of the rewilding site to create additional space for aquatic species to flourish. This should create a haven for aquatic life such as water voles as well as a host of insects, birds and amphibians and boost bioabundance and biodiversity at the site.

A key aspect of our environmental initiatives is to actively engage our employees, emphasizing the significance of locality and access to projects. By partnering with Wilderkind, we have chosen a rewilding project close to home and somewhere easily accessible for our team. We will also be embarking on an ecologist-led safari to talk us through the changes in the site both pre and post our funded project there.

Our commitment to our environmental goals and Wilderkind’s expertise in rewilding create a promising partnership. By engaging our employees and clients on this impactful journey, we aim to achieve tangible results and contribute positively to the natural world.