SLX is proud to have worked with the Iford Arts Festival during July and August 2018.

The festival, an annual art event, is supported by SLX every year. It hosts several operas, proms and concerts in the grounds of Iford Manor near Bath, all of which are produced by the festival itself.

SLX provided the lighting and cabling as part of an overall outdoor rig that is in situ for the entire summer season. Throughout the festival SLX was also an integral part of the production, Madame Butterfly.

Madame Butterfly tells a story of a young Japanese girl faithfully, but vainly, waiting for her husband’s return. The nature and the story of the renowned opera meant the production needed versatile lighting that could be adapted to the melancholy mood changes.

Christopher Nairne, lighting designer for Madame Butterfly at Iford Arts Festival, commented:

“I'm very grateful for SLX's help with Madame Butterfly; they have been extremely generous in providing equipment to make the latest Iford Arts show a beautiful production.

“The cloister venue is situated in a stunning set of gardens, which makes it a unique workplace and creates an unforgettable experience for audiences. However, this means that there are limited rigging positions and only a very limited power supply. SLX's range of MAC fixtures allowed us to maximize the flexibility in focus and tone through the show.

“Many thanks indeed!”